Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Morning with KIDS Foundation

Last Wednesday, I went to Museo Pambata to spend my morning with the KIDS Foundation. I haven't been in this "premier children's hands-on museum" for a long time, so I was excited to be there. Besides, I always have a heart for kids, so I was thrilled to be invited by the partner charity organization of Bloggers United.

We were a big group that day, other than KIDS Foundation's 50 participating children from Payatas, we were also with 50 kids from the Philippine Community Foundation. The more the merrier!

I was actually amazed observing the Museo Pambata system. With their belief that learning should take place more readily in an environment of fun, challenges, and discovery, the kids learned so much while participating actively in the themed rooms: Kalikasan / Environment, Maynila Noon / Old Manila, Bata sa Mundo / Children in the Global Village, I Love my Planet Earth, Katawan Ko / My Body Works!, Paglaki Ko / Career Options, Pamilihang Bayan / Market Place, and Money Matters for Kids

First and foremost: Introduction of what to expect in this educational trip, and some house rules:

With the very accommodating Ms. Rox of KIDS Foundation:

They were ecstatic to enter the "mouth" going to the first stop: Katawan Ko / My Body Works!

Children are always curious and excited! I love being with energetic young people who enjoys learning and interacting!

The group was also joined by 30 ates and kuyas from L'Oreal Paris Philippines. The brand also sponsored this event, making this learning and fun day possible for the young ones.

One of my favorite sections in the tour is the Writer's Corner! This is situated in the Career Options room, where kids can discover different possibilities, and visualize themselves in the different careers they can choose from as early as now. The participating kids ages 6-12 were exposed in the wonderful and creative world of words and illustrations of our national artists.

Very interactive! 

More fun activities and bonding with the very hyper children in the science room:

It was a rather brief day, but still memorable. The children were treated with snacks by the L'Oreal volunteers, and Bloggers United's very own generous sponsor VitaminBoost provided the drinks.

They say that outreach activities are meant to help other people, but in my case, I always realize that in the end, being there means helping myself too. The lighthearted and genuine happy feeling only comes from selfless service and love for people who deserve our time and efforts--Just like for these children from KIDS Foundation! There will be more activities like this in the future, so do watch out for Bloggers United X KIDS Foundation projects. I hope you're also excited to take part in this type of event! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Online Shopping

Online shopping is the latest craze right now!

Why troop to a store on a bipolar-weathered day when you can sit back, relax, and just browse through online stores and purchase items with just a click of the mouse?

Other than the convenience, local online shops from Multiply or Facebook also provide variety of items ranging from clothes, to accessories, to beauty products, gadgets, foods, and even services like blog layout customizing jobs. You can even avail huge discounts when buying online!

To make the most out of your WWW shop-till-you-drop activity, do take note of the following:

- Beware of Scammers! Since online shopping is mostly through shipping, payments are required first (either through GCash or Bank Deposit) before delivery. Because of this, some scammers who pretend to be sellers take advantage of their power to be gone the moment you have sent your payment.

- Track the seller's information like identity, location (where they are based), and contact numbers. Are they consistent? Others were victimized by scammers who suddenly do not answer their phone calls once they've paid for their orders.

- When out on a meet up, it is best to have someone with you.

- Read, ask, and know more about Ebay, GCash, Xend, and other common online shopping terminologies.

- To make sure you are buying from reliable online sellers, view their site's hits. What are the comments from their past buyers? Are they good? Positive feedbacks mean great service and products.

- Before buying clothes or shoes, note exact measurements since it is impossible to try on an apparel when online shopping.

Here are some online stores we recommend for you to visit on your next virtual window shopping:

When you need a new and organic skin care regimen:


Cyleina is a great choice for a more natural approach to your skin. Cyleina soaps like the Black Pearl, Rice Bran and Honey are all lovingly handmade using only the finest and skin-loving natural ingredients. This explains why your skin just feels amazing after every use of their soap. You'll love your bath times more than ever with Cyleina!

When you need protection for your gadgets:

Visit: IZZO

Add glam to your cam! IZZO SHOP is the home of cozy caves for your cameras, and all your other things. Get chic and stylish in keeping and carrying around your gadgets by checking out their fun selections of camera bags, laptop bags, gadget cases, and camera straps. You will definitely love their adorable website too!

For your Tokyo fashion cravings:


SPARKLE is an online boutique that features the latest kawaii Japanese fashion and finds at the most reasonable price tags. Step right out of a Vivi Magazine with Sparkle's clothes, bags, and shoes that spell J-Pop! They even sell contact lenses to achieve that big-eyed doll look!

When you want comfortable yet stylish clothes:

Visit: Flattering Tops

Sexy and Loose may be two words that don't seem to go together, but online shop Flattering Tops thinks otherwise. For this brand that carries "sexy loose" tops, you don't always have to wear something tight to look sexy. Their tops with free flowing cut will hide unwanted bulges and problem areas--and you'll still be fashion forward!

Visit: Circles en Dots

An online boutique that sells cute and refreshing pieces from tops, dresses to bottoms! Circles en Dots is not only an online shop, but also a cute small clothing store in the Pop Culture area of the Alabang Town Center. Visit their posh store or their online boutique for their clothing selections personally hand picked to satisfy every girls' fashion cravings! They also love to hold giveaways, so always visit their Facebook page for updates!


For the fashion bipolar. Belle York is an online shop that carries clothes for the tough and the feminine.  For the fierce women, they have animal prints, leather, and denims. Meanwhile, the girly gets clothes with romantic laces, pale colors, ribbons and polka dots. For Belle York, you don't have to choose: You can be one personality to the next. Express yourself through their clothes depending on what suits your mood.

When you want to pile on the accessories:


If you haven't seen the necklace made of big chains intertwined with colorful braided cloths, you probably live under a rock. Hah! Kidding aside, Extreme Finds is more popular for their GetHappy necklaces and bracelets. These chained accessories are available in wild wild colors like lime, carolina blue, emerald, fuchsia, and orange. Dare to standout with their Plume Collection, Extreme Finds' accessories with feathers! Be a scene stealer, wear Extreme Finds!

Visit: Estrellas Manila

Excessorize with Estrellas Manila! A mix of modern and vintage, Estrellas Manila accessories exude fun and exciting styles with the quirky combinations of materials used to produce a piece. Charms, beads, ribbons, fabrics, ceramics, feathers, and colors are all mixed to create a unique Estrellas Manila accessory. And good news: they also accept customized orders!


Beads, beads, and more beads! Unique Creations is Mai Anne's creative online shop of uniquely handcrafted bracelets, bangles, headbands, rings, earrings, necklaces, hair clips, and other items the designer can think of where bead works and embellishments can be added. Add sparkle to your outfit with Unique Creations accessories, and get ready to shine in a crowd!

If you're a new online shopper, it is always best to buy from recommended sites. Online shopping is definitely worth the try, and a lot of people are now addicted to it! Join the bandwagon starting from these reliable sites!

Ready, Set, Shop!!!

Bloggers United would like to thank Cyleina, Izzo, Sparkle, Flattering TopsExtreme Finds, Estrellas ManilaCircles en DotsBelle York, and Unique Creations for being part of our event last May 27.
All photos are from respective brands
Article by Ana Gonzales